Gloria Jean

"The essence of my work celebrates the poetry of hope...and the beauty that abounds if we but look...I am ever mindful of the struggles and mysteries that shape life and the natural laws that govern all things..."

An art historian and award winning poet, Gloria is an imaginative and expressive artist in abstract and representational forms with textured and dimensional surfaces. She attempts to capture universals, common to all peoples, and the positive essence of her multicultural perspective.

Gloria has received numerous awards and honors; she is also recognized for her innovative work in the area of Cultural Planning and Development in the inner city.

Her paintings are represented in West Coast and East Coast Galleries. Gloria is a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Writings from Gloria's collection have been selected for publication on the occasion of the 1997 International Society of Poets' Conference. A special edition of selected poems from her collection will be available to the public. The collection is entitled "Secrets and...Other Communions of the Heart". Handsomely crafted with an original fine art cover, the collection is currently in production. Please send an Email to for purchase and pricing information.

You can also visit Gloria Jean's art work website.

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