The Deep Sky Database - an observing list generator

Welcome to the Deep Sky Database, an observing list generator for amateur astronomers who love searching for deep sky objects such as galaxies, open and globular clusters, bright and dark nebulae and more. The first 15 searches use the Saguaro Astronomy Club database version 8.1, dated March 22, 2010. The double star search uses the Saguaro Astronomy Club Double Star Database version 4.0, dated July 4, 2008. The red star search uses the Saguaro Astronomy Club Red Star database version 2.0, dated July 7, 2008. The asterism search uses the Asterism database by Steve Coe version 3.2, dated December 10, 2013. This online resource is possible thanks to all the members of the Saguaro Astronomy Club who have contributed over many years to help other amateur astronomers. Special thanks go to Steve Coe for maintaining this valuable resource and for making it freely available.

Saguaro Astronomy Club Database Searches

Galaxy Clusters
Open clusters
Globular clusters
Bright and dark nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Messier objects
Caldwell objects
Best of the NGC
Herschel 400 objects
Herschel 2500 objects
Asterisms, single and multiple stars with NGC designations
LMC and SMC objects
Supernova Remnants
All objects within a constellation

Double stars within a constellation
Red stars within a constellation
Asterisms within a constellation

Other Deep Sky Observing List Generators and Observing Tools

You may also find these other resources useful in building your observing lists:
The NGC IC Observing List Generator - a great, versatile tool
DSO Browser - another great Observing List Generator
Darker View - another excellent Observing List Generator
Stelle Doppe - on online search engine for the Washington Double Star Catalog - great resource!
Carte du Ciel - great, free windows sky charting software
RTGUI - a Windows program that interfaces with Carte de Ciel to create observing lists
Hello Northern Sky - another great, free Windows sky charting program that includes the Saguaro Astronomy Club deep sky and double star databases, along with many other catalogs

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