The Deep Sky Database - an observing list generator

Welcome to the Deep Sky Database, an observing list generator for amateur astronomers who love searching for deep sky objects such as galaxies, open and globular clusters, bright and dark nebulae and other assorted faint fuzzies as well as double and multiple stars. The first seven searches use the Saguaro Astronomy Club database version 8.1, dated March 22, 2010. The Saguaro Astronomy Club Double Star Database version 4.0 is dated July 4, 2008. I'd like to thank all the members of the Saguaro Astronomy Club who contributed to this catalog and especially to Steve Coe for maintaining this valuable resource over many years and for making it freely available. The search engines under "Other Search Engines" each use specific catalogs as identified below.

Saguaro Astronomy Club Database Searches

Galaxies and galaxy clusters
Open and globular clusters
Bright and dark nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
All objects within a constellation
All Herschel 400 objects within a constellation
All Herschel 2500 objects within a constellation
Double stars within a constellation

Other Search Engines

Washington Double Star Catalog by coordinates, separation, magnitude difference and primary magnification
Search for single object data in the Washington Double Star Catalog using discoverer codes from the Cambridge Double Star Atlas
DAMLO2 Open Galactic Cluster Catalog by coordinates and size
Zwicky Galaxy Catalog by coordinates and magnitude

NEW - Search the Saguaro Astronomy Club databases and the Washington Double Star Catalog on Google Drive fusion tables - you can filter data almost any way you choose, sort it and then download it to your computer (you'll need a Google account for downloading). To start, click on the blue Filter button, make your choices and watch your new data appear. You can filter by as many fields as you like, sort it and then download your filtered "view" to your computer for a custom tailored observing list to suit your needs. You can also download the entire database if you wish. If you can use a spreadsheet, you'll have no problem and, in fact, filtering a Google Drive fusion table is easier than in Excel or Open Office.

SAC Deep Sky Database 8.1 on Google Drive
SAC Double Star Database 4.0 on Google Drive
SAC Red Star Database 3.0 on Google Drive
SAC Asterism Database 3.0 on Google Drive

Washington Double Star Catalog, dated 4/25/13 on Google Drive

This site is provided as a public service to the amateur astronomer community. Happy searching and clear skies!